Yes, I know that the purpose of being on a podcast is to be educational and informative, and we were, but Steve Fretzin and I also had a ton of fun on this episode of the BE THAT LAWYER podcast called “Leaning into Technology.”

We discussed:

  • The intersection of the legal system and technology
  • Utilizing technology to enhance customer experience
  • Recognizing opportunities to free up time for higher-level work
  • The necessity of a good CRM for every lawyer

And quite a bit more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using technology for things like scheduling meetings, paying invoices, receiving payments, and other things not specific to the legal field is a great place to start if you’re unsure of where to begin.
  • There are technology applications that can make your life easier and free up time to do the creative legal work that you want to do.
  • Legal students and younger lawyers are used to using more technology and when they start working, at many law firms, it feels like taking a step back in their use of technology.
  • Don’t let the fear of the unknown around technology stop you from leaning into and using it.

“Figure out some problem that you have – something or some way you’d like to make your life easier that you think a technology might be to help you – then decide that you’re not going to learn all of the technology, you’re just going to learn one thing.” — Dennis Kennedy


Don’t miss this episode filled with practical advice and tech strategies for your legal practice and beyond.


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