Regular readers will remember my experiment last week of publishing a long version (really somewhat more than a first draft) of my annual legal technology trends article as a series of blog posts on this blog. I ended the series by posting a final, short version that I cut to roughly 1,000 words.
In the editing process, my first attempt at reducing the size of the article left me a version that was roughly 2,500 words. In the Goldilocks and the Three Bears fashion, I ended up liking this middle-sized version best of all.
I also mentioned in those posts that my favorite place to publish new articles is Sabrina Pacifici‘s excellent site. Fortunately, Sabrina also liked this article and it now appears as part of this month’s issue of “Seven Legal Technology Trends for 2007: Widening the Digital Divide in Law Practices.” It’s a small part of another powerhouse issue of LLRX and I encourage you to check out the other articles.
Completists are more than welcome to read all three versions, but the one on is my favorite. Your feedback is always appreciated.
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