I had a great time presenting about AI at the 2024 State Bar of Michigan’s Great Lakes Legal Conference last week. It was cool to have four Michigan Supreme Court Justices in one of the sessions.

As part of my ongoing effort to help make the Michigan legal community leaders in AI and law, I presented a workshop on AI prompting to a very full room of lawyers wanting to learn more and get more hands-on experience with AI.

The response and the feedback were great and I got a clear signal that there would be strong interest if I offered AI programs to the legal community under the aegis of the Michigan State University Center for Law, Technology & Innovation.

I thought I’d share the handout I did for the session. It’s a work in progress, but you’ll see my approach. You can download the handout here. Please be sure to attribute it to me if you share it.

And let me know if you find it helpful.

Dennis Kennedy Handout Materials for AI Prompting Workshop – Great Lakes Legal Conference – June 15 2024

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