Jack Vinson and Knowledge Jolt with Jack: 4 years (reminds me to thank Jack for inviting me to Blogwalk Chicago and our email exchanges).
Marty Swimmer and The Trademark Blog: 5 years. Want to learn about trademarks and trademark law – check out these podcasts with Marty and Colette Voegele.
Eric Raymond’s The Cathedral and the Bazaar: 10 years. As Nicholas Carr and Tim O’Reilly note in excellent posts you will want to read, Raymond’s essay is extraordinarily influential and important and is a must-read for understanding Open Source, wikis, web 2.0, John Robb’s global guerillas (hope to write about Robb’s great new book, Brave New World, soon), and even blogging itself. I think that the Open Source licenses themselves are much more important than O’Reilly and Carr suggest. It was (and is) about the licensing. That’s why I’ve written about the licenses from time to time. The Cathedral and the Bazaar essay is worth re-reading from time to time, and has had a huge impact on my own approach to thinking about technology and many other areas as well.
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