I had a couple of inquiries about my post yesterday “26 Electronic Discovery Trends for 2008.”
They basically said, “of the 26, which ones do you think are the most important?” A fair question, and one that I answered in my presentation, as you will see if you look at the slides from the presentation in which I mentioned these trends. I realize that 26 is way too many, but, in part, I used that many to give a sense of the Singularity.
Here are the three that I want to highlight.
1. The most important one, to me, is the “EDD Gap” – the growing gap between the lawyers and law firms that “get” EDD and those that do not. That’s the one that I think will have the most impact over time.
2. The most interesting one, to me, is “EDD in the Cloud.” By “cloud,” I mean cloud computing. As data is processed, stored and handled in the cloud, traditional assumptions will no longer apply and new issues will arise.
When I started to work on this list of new trends, I mentioned what I planned to do to Tom Mighell. Tom mentioned that he hadn’t seen much really new in terms of EDD trends and I told him that I’d come up with something new for him. That’s a bigger challenge than you might think. First,Tom is so knowledgeable that it’s difficult to come up with something that he considers “new.”Second, he has the habit of including the notion of “meaningful” as part of determining whether he would accept a trend as being new. For example, my mention of the Singularity probably would not pass with Tom because it’s too theoretical and not practical enough. I decided that if I had 26 items on my list, I had a chance of getting Tom’s approval of at least one. I picked “EDD in the cloud” as the first one to run by Tom,and I got the thumbs up. We might talk about these trends in a future podcast.
3. The one I’ll watch most closely is the trend toward “technology counsel” as an evolution beyond the litigation support manager role. It also plays a part in the EDD Gap trend.
By the way, the reference in trend #24 about standards is illustrated by the announcement today of the EDRM XML standard for the e-discovery industry.
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