Like many others whose lives blogger Marc Orchant touched, I wanted to pass along my sympathy and condolences to Marc’s family and friends. If you didn’t know about Marc and his untimely death, I recommend Steve Rubel’s remembrance of Marc here.
Like Steve, I remember Marc’s blog as one I read earlier on in my blogging era. I never met Marc in person, but we exchanged some emails and both were part of an informal advisory group for Mindjet, where I appreciated his thoughtful insights.
When I heard the news of Marc’s death, I did a search of my email to look at those emails again. What struck me most was an email from Marc in early 2003, I believe in response to something I posted on my blog, in which he recommended in a helpul and convincing way that I should try Lookout, the search plug-in for Outlook. That was one of the best software recommendations anyone ever made to me and I recommended Lookoout to many others over the years.
I formed a great opinion of Marc from that, and of the world of bloggers as well. I regret that I never got to meet Marc personally and was saddened to hear of his death.
Steve eloquently says in his post:

The story is all indicative of the blogging ethos. We help each other. Many of us are stars but we like to pass the ball and create opportunities for others. Points don’t matter. Assists do. The blogosphere is a global village and, unfortunately, Marc’s untimely death is a reminder that we should always remain that way – even when we often disagree.

Thanks for reminding us, Steve.
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