I’ve wanted to do regular feature on this blog where I simply list some of the most interesting links I’ve found during the previous week – sort of a “best of” from my Google Reader Shared Items.
So, I’m kicking it off today. the idea is that I’ll pick out a set of links that I might have wanted to write about or that I found especially thought-provoking or useful. I might or might not agree with the posts or items I link to, but I found them to be something I wanted to share.
In general, I’m just going to give a link to the item, without any explanation. I’ll try to do this every weekend, and I’ll include the latest additions to my 52 books in 52 weeks project.
And away we go.
How Buildings Learn
Sample Chapter of If We Can Keep It: A National Security Manifesto for the Next Administration, by Chet Richards
Kahn and Mann’s Ten Common Pitfalls
Overnight Sensation
Countering the Enemy’s Expectations
A President Like My Father

It’s all in the frame: how to promote your services without breaking rapport – a writing challenge for business bloggers

Getting Past Done: What to Do After You’ve Finished a Big Project
Legal Secretaries 2.0
Twenty Snacks That Help Productivity
The Coming of the Cloud, Networked Knowledge Work and New Business Logic
This Week’s Additions to 52 Books in 52 Weeks:
The Nuclear Jihadist: The True Story of the Man Who Sold the World’s Most Dangerous Secrets…And How We Could Have Stopped Him , by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins

Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain

Presentation Zen, by Garr Reynolds

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