This blog got started on February 15, 2003. I got started on February 17, 1958. This blog was a birthday present to myself. I have a tradition of doing a week of special posts on this blog to celebrate. Welcome to the 2008 version of blawgiversary / burthday week.
If someone asked me what has changed the most in the world of blawgs in the last five years, I’d have to say that things have gotten a LOT more serious and focused. Perhaps it was the freedom that came in the early days with knowing that you had about a half a dozen readers (all of whom you knew), but I used to do some posts that no one would ever advise a lawyer blogger to do these days. A great example was my somewhat infamous “Metallica post.” Ah, well, one of my essential blogging guidelines is to be sure to break the “rules” from time to time.
In its own odd way, blawgiversary week has proven to be almost as controversial as my Blawggie awards. It’s meant to be a way to have fun (especially some fun at my own expense) and as a form of a reader appreciation week. So, let’s have some fun.
This is a big year for this blog and me. Five years for the blog and fifty years for me. It’s also a big year for multiples of five around me. My father-in-law will be celebrate his 90th birthday this weekend. My daughter turns 15. My wife and I celebrate our 20th anniversary this summer. This is my 25th year of practicing law. You see the theme.
Every year, I try to arrange some special things to recognize blawgiversary / birthday week, and I’ve outdone myself this year. I’ve talked NASCAR into running the Daytona 500 (also celebrating its 50th birthday) on my birthday and the federal government into making this a three-day weekend. Ahem.
So, for the next week, I’ll be doing a few things to celebrate. First and foremost, I’ll be doing as many “by request” posts as I can. If you have a question for me, leave a comment or drop me an email at denniskennedyblog @ and I’ll turn the answer into a post.
I’ll also try to come up with a treat or two. In the past, I’ve been able to make special discounts and free downloads of software available. If you are a vendor and want to do a special promotion this week, let me know and we’ll see if we can put something together in the next few days or at a later time.
Anyway, this is a time to remind people that the best part of blogging is that it is fun.
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