Just posted on the online version of the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine is one of the best articles I’ve ever been a part of. It’s called “Competitive Intelligence Roundtable: CI Tactics, Tools and Lessons to Be Learned.”
I asked a who’s who of experts on competitive intelligence in the practice of law (Mark Beese, David Bowerman, Cynthia Cheng Correia, Ann Lee Gibson, Mark Greene, Sabrina Pacifici and Meredith Williams) to participate in a roundtable discussion of the basics, practical tips and lessons learned about the use of competitive intelligence. To my delight, they all agreed to participate and the result is one heck of an article from which I learned a ton of things and so will you. I’m the article’s moderator and a quasi-participant.
In the same issue is Ann Lee Gibson’s How to Create and Use Competitive Intelligence: 45 Tips for Law Firms, a helpful CI primer to read as an intro to the roundtable article.
If you are familiar with CI, you’ll benefit from the wisdom of this group. If you don’t know anything about CI, these article will get you up and running. IF CI wa not on your radar, after you read these articles, it will be.
Highly recommended.
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Debuting at the 2008 ABA TECHSHOW: The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together, by Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell.
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