I so associate blue skies with 9/11 that the overcast, drizzly morning was oddly comforting to me.
My commute now takes me by an unexpected 9/11 memorial. Unexpected both in that it is in O’Fallon, Missouri and that it is found in the median of a four lane road. It’s made of large, rusting pieces from the World Trade Center.
It’s not that you ever stop noticing, but some days you notice it more. Today, the three very large flags over it flew at half-mast.
Some days, I find that I want to go up and touch it – to create some kind of tactile and emotional connection.
However, it is in the middle of a busy road and I’ve never seen anyone actually walk up to it.
As I drove by this morning, though, I saw a woman, dress in a business suit, walking to it with a bouquet of flowers, wrapped in plastic. I wondered all day about the story behind that.
When I drove by this evening, still oddly comforted by the gray skies, I noticed the single bouquet still lying on the hedges that surround the rusted metal.
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