Two things I’m sure of as election day approaches.
The first is that I wish Missouri had early voting.
I’m planning, instead, to use the less desirable Missouri “early morning” voting alternative and to post on Twitter (@denniskennedy) with my observations from the polling place.
The second thing is that I don’t understand why anyone would sit this election out. One pf my favorite authors, William Gibson, has the money quote on participating in this election, whatever your choices might be:

Don’t be a part of that part of the electorate that, for whatever reason, intends to vote, but doesn’t. Whichever way this election goes, you will not want to journey into your personal future, the future of the United States, or the future of the world, without having cast your vote in this election. If I know anything about the future, I know that. Either way, you will not want to have not been a cog, however microscopic, however essential, in this magnificent and beautifully-intentioned mechanism. If you’ve already taken advantage of early voting (of which I am a huge fan) and have the time to do so, please help as many others as you can to vote. Whatever the outcome, you will always count yourself a better person for having done so. (emphasis added)

Count yourself a better person and be counted.
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