DennisKennedy.Microblog is a supplement to this blog that can be found on Twitter at @dkennedyblog. I invite you to become a follower (recently went over the 100 follower mark). An explanation of the microblog can be found here.
Here are posts from the microblog for the last week or so:

Greg Lambert checks out a new semantic search engine called Cluuz – – mixed results for my taste, but interesting
Taking a writing break after finishing a column on tech audits and a roundtable article on law practice in a time of economic turmoil.
Bert Decker on my favorite rule – the Rule of Threes –
JP Rangaswami writes about “Faster horses in the age of co-creation” – – lessons for lawyers who want to keep business.
Paul Lippe interviews Richard Suskind on the end of lawyers & future of law practice – – see Patrick McKenna comment too
Rajesh Jain sums up Web 2.0 Summit – – take special note of “web 2.0 for verticals” and “big bets” sections of post.
Thought-provoking – Jordan Furlong on social proof, law practice management and getting the opposite of what you want –

Let me know what you think about the microblog idea.
A special happy birthday greeting to my brother-in-law and photographer extraordinaire, Dan Donovan, pictured here as we compared notes on the iPhone and iPod Touch at a family get-together back when the weather was warmer than it is now.
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