DennisKennedy.Microblog is a supplement to this blog that can be found on Twitter at @dkennedyblog. I invite you to become a follower. An explanation of the microblog can be found here.
Here are posts from the microblog for the last week or so:

What Should You Do Now? A Roundtable Discussion on Law Practice in a Time of Great Economic Turmoil –
James Jones discusses Hildebrandt’s client advisory on these dark economic times for law firms in a must-listen podcast –
Ernie the Attorney discusses recent decision on lawyers producing printed emails in discovery – Earth to litigators . . .
Lifehacker has a great tutorial on freeing up memory using Windows Task Manager – – very useful tips
One Laptop Per Child “Give 1 Get 1” program now available on Amazon –
Joel Garreau on what to do with big box stores in what might become the post-mall period – and
Alan Weiss shares some of his Million Dollar Consulting College notes – – plenty there to make you think.
This picture of 22 boxes of printed emails suggests that the era of electronic discovery might still be a ways off –
Lifehacker has great tips on speeding up the startup process on your PC –

Let me know what you think about the microblog idea.
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