DennisKennedy.Microblog is a supplement to this blog that can be found on Twitter at @dkennedyblog. I invite you to become a follower. An explanation of the microblog can be found here. There’s a lot discussion of Twitter these days and my microblog is an easy place to check into the Twitter phenomenon.
I’d like to remind you that Tom Mighell and I have created a new Twitter microblog for our book on collaboration tools and technologies. The microblog is another companion resource for the book and we will be posting useful links and tips there. You may subscribe to the book microblog by following @collabtools on Twitter. We’ll also use the #collaboration hashtag on Twitter.
I’ll also note that I’ve been very pleased by the feedback I’ve gotten on the article, “What Should You Do Now? A Roundtable Discussion on Law Practice in a Time of Great Economic Turmoil” and encourage you to read it if you haven’t already.
Now on to the posts from microblog for this blog for the last week or so:

Stephen Fairley asks “Is Innovation Overtaking the Law Profession and Law Firm Marketing?” Probably not, but . . .
Craig Ball asks “Why do so few of us seize this advantage?” The topic: e-discovery and why lawyers don’t learn about it.
Patty Seybold celebrating Doug Engelbart’s vision – – the original demo and the innovation superhighway – a must-read
Charlie Bess on ambient power – – one of my technologies to watch over the next few years
Mark Shead offers a solid set of tips for protecting your laptop (and what’s on it) in “Laptop Contingency Planning” –
Mark Ramsey interviews Seth Godin on Tribes and radio in podcast – – great overview of Tribes book, and spot on abt radio as generation 4.0 of search – – very important idea I want to write about in detail soon
Ken White: “Delegate beyond point of comfort” –

Let me know what you think about the microblog idea.
Also, Tom and I have started to do some regular posting at the Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration blog. I invite you to check it out and add it to your RSS reader.
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