This is part 1 of a 3-part retrospective on the year 2008 on DennisKennedy.Blog.
The big news in 2008 at DennisKennedy.Blog was the publication of the book The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technology: Smart Ways to Work Together, by Tom Mighell and me. We’re delighted by the response to the book, especially the excellent reviews it has gotten.
However, I can definitely tell you that writing a book takes a tool on your other writing efforts, especially the quantity of blog posts. I’m hoping that 2009 will see a return to a more traditional pace of posts on this blog. In addition to resting after writing the book, I also launched the Twitter-based “microblog” companion to this blog at (or @dkennedyblog in Twitterese).
As I looked back at this blog and my 2008 posts, I noticed that there were three types of post and so I decided to do a three-part retrospective on 2008. Today, I’ll cover the first kind of post: posts about other articles I wrote. Part two will cover the other posts I wrote. Part three might be the most interesting: posts I planned to write but never got written.
1. My ABA Journal Column. I write the technology column for the American Bar Association Journal. Probably the best way to find them all is to use this link.
Over the year, I found that enjoyed writing the blog posts about each column as much as I enjoyed writing the columns.
Here are the columns, with links to my post about each and a link to the actual column.
It’s Time to Talk Audio/Video – December 2008 – Rethink the text-based world and thinking seriously about ways to use audio and video delivered over the Internet.
Get the (Instant) Message, Dude! – November 2008 – Maybe my favorite column on the year, on ways lawyers can use instant messaging.
Go Green, Save Green – October 2008 – My most thorough discussion to-date of green legal technology –
Master Your Disasters – September 2008 – Basics of backup and disaster recovery –
Learning 3G-Speak – August 2008 – A primer of the language of mobile communications.
Become a Google Master – July 2008 – Some of my best tips for Google users.
SharePoint: A Legal Killer App? – June 2008 – Maybe the most popular of my columns focused on Microsoft SharePoint as a collaboration platform.
Really Simple Competitive Intelligence – March 2008 – Some really simple approaches to getting useful competitive intelligence.
Hiding Assets – February 2008 – Encryption and methods to protect confidential information.
Tech Greats for ‘08 – January 2008 – I must admit that I still don’t understand the title they chose for this column, but the column was a list of New Year’s resolutions for lawyers using technology.
2. Roundtable Articles. I was also involved in two roundtable articles, which exceeded my highest expectations and I recommend most highly.
Competitive Intelligence Roundtable Article. The ABA’s Law Practice magazine published an article called “CI Tactics, Tools and Lessons to Be Learned,” which featured a who’s who of experts on the use of competitive intelligence in the legal profession.
Law Practice in a Time of Great Economic Turmoil – Roundtable Discussion – A stellar cast of experts take a practical look at the impact of the current economic crisis on the legal profession in the Law Practice Today webzine – “What Should You Do Now? A Roundtable Discussion on Law Practice in a Time of Great Economic Turmoil.” Highly recommended.
3. Collaboration Tools Articles.
Tom and I found some time to start a new companion blogsite for our book at (a big thank you to LexBlog where we’ll both be posting on topics related to collaboration and the book (follow @collabtools on Twitter for regular updates on the topic of collaboration).
We also wrote a couple of articles on collaboration tools:
Collaborative Technologies: Working with Others Around the Corner or Around the World
Get Smart (starts of page 40 of PDF)
After reading this post, I now realize that I wrote more in 2008 than I thought I had. Hope you enjoy these articles.
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