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Here are posts from the microblog for the last week or so to give you a flavor of what expect:

Dave Pollard on places to intervene in systems – – effectively bring about change in organizations, groups and projects
Will @denniskennedy be at #Lexthink Innovate? You betcha. I’ll be there on Sunday, March 29. Can’t wait. Hope to see some of you there.
Dave Pollard on an information diet – “less overall, more slowly and carefully selected and ingested.”
Dare Obasanjo on social software and feeds replacing email – – I plan to touch on this topic in my #techshow sessions
Bas de Baar’s free e-book, Project Shrink Linear Edition: project management, OODA loops, resilience and more –
Niall Kennedy’s “anatomy of cloud computing” post provides a good intro and overview of an important concept –
Reading Chris Brogan’s list of 27 things to do before a conference will help you get ready for #techshow –
Mary Mack’s new post “Please forward to the newly laid off” is timely, wise and generous, and a treasure trove of tips –
A legal tech tool to watch in law department space: Law Department Desktop – (Hat tip to Forrest Morgan) #collaboration
Finished R. Susskind’s new book, “The End of Lawyers?” – IMHO, Susskind’s keynote presentation alone is reason enough to attend #techshow.
This is not a drill – @jordan_law21 on lawyer layoffs – – “We are totally unprepared for this phenomenon”
Two new #collaboration tips articles ( and preview #techshow presentations from @tommighell and me
Adam Smith, Esq. on “the great de-leveraging” – – a must-read, especially for non-equity partners at big law firms
Leo Babauta on how to write quality posts when you have a day job – – very good advice
Mary Abraham on rethinking your routine – – small decisions with big results

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