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Here are posts from the microblog for the last week or so to give you a flavor of what expect:

Contract Drafting for 21st Century: Conversation Between Ken Adams and Ron Friedmann – – contract drafting = commodity?
Joshua Poje on reliving ABA Techshow 2009 on Twitter – – the continuing discussion at #techshow might be the big story.
Nassim Taleb on ten principles for a black swan-proof world –
James Maule on a tide of change in legal education: a crisis that won’t simply go away – – worthwhile change from turmoil
Kevin Carey on what colleges should learn from newspapers’ decline – – lessons for lawyers, too
Twitter: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Jim Calloway
Ron Friedmann suggests the cylinder may replace the pyramid in BigLaw structures – – the big squeeze and right-sizing
Very useful! InsideLegal’s Legal Technology/Law Firm Management Master Events Calendar – #techshow Thanks, JoAnna.
Here’s a #techshow picture to celebrate episode 1 of the new Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast ( – see
The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast returns – on the Legal Talk Network! Adriana Linares guest hosts.
Mitch Joel on the rapid growth of Twitter with the stats to prove it – – useful info for presentations and discussions
Lifehacker Hive Five’s Five Best Mindmapping Applications – – my intro to mindmapping article –
Trent at The Simple Dollar wisely notes “You can’t get better results without changing anything” – [Good reminder]
Con Frantzeskos says that Twitter is for old people – – good discussion point for #techshow Twitter session
Professor Maule discusses what must happen next in legal education in must-read post at Note esp. last three paragraphs.

Check out the new The Kennedy-Mighell Report Podcast on the Legal Talk Network.
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