I find it much easier to write columns than it is to come up with topics for columns. My usual trick is to brainstorm a bunch of topics and then put together a calendar of topics for several months in advance.
It’s that time again for my technology column in the ABA Journal (latest column here).
However, this time I’d like to try an experiment in “crowdsourcing.”
I’m inviting you, as a reader of this blog post, to join in an experiment in helping me put together a list of future topics.
The idea of the column is to cover technology topics of general interest to the practicing lawyer. Topics should not be too specific or too tied to a single product. I don’t write reviews.
Here’s an example. The last column I wrote (which is not yet published) talks about ways lawyers can avoid sending huge attachments by email. More than likely, my next column will be a look at “next-generation search” and alternatives lawyers might consider to Google.
If you’d like to participate (and part of this experiment is simply to see if anyone will), you can do so in several different ways:
1. Post a comment to this post with your suggested topic(s).
2. Email your suggested topic(s) to me at denniskennedyblog @ gmail . com.
3. Tweet your suggested topic on Twitter and include either @dkennedyblog or @denniskennedy in the text of the tweet.
Thanks for your help.
I also have another “crowdsourcing” opportunity. Tom Mighell and I have a segment in our podcast, The Kennedy-Mighell Report on the Legal Talk Network, in which we answer questions about legal technology submitted by our audience, You can also use the methods above to send me questions that we might use in that segment of future episodes.
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