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Here are recent posts from the microblog. As an aside, it’s intriguing to me that any one or all of these would have turned into a blog post with some discussion of the topic several years ago.

Martha Sperry on Friendfeed for Lawyers – – still more reasons for having Friendfeed on my to-learn list
Steve Rubel: Blogs are Out of Beta, But Bloggers Should Always Be in Beta” –
Meryl Evans on 8 ways to extend your presentations –
Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle on “Web Squared” – – the Web on its collision course with the physical world
The Economist on social networking on Internet vs. traditional business networking –
For fans of Babylon 5, JMS interview on Babylon Podcast – ‘Nuff said. Even better, there’s a second part coming.
My new blog post – “A Blogging Guide for St. Louis (and Other) Lawyers (and Others)” –
John Heckman on Richard Susskind – Commoditization – Part 1
RT @GreatDismal: Twitter: Return of “telegraphese”. The headline writer’s art. The core art of semantic compression. Lose the trim.
Steve Rubel’s “Posterous is Changing How I Think About Blogging” is changing how I think about blogging –
Is iPhone really a threat to domination of BlackBerry in legal profession? The new Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast –
RT @GreatDismal: RT @DougCoupland – a strange measure of technology’s acceleration – no cell-phone images of 9-11 attacks.
RT @collabtools: Dion Hinchcliffe on Twitter on your intranet: 17 microblogging tools for business –
We’re looking for audience questions for tomorrow’s recording of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast – why not yours? [Note: Email me with questions for our podcast Q & A segment any time]
Kevin Kelly on the increasing ubiquity of technology – – esp. pace of change and impact of a billion of any technology
Peter Bregman: Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning – – your focus list & your ignore list – don’t ignore the 2nd
Wish I’d seen Bernard Hibbitts (of Jurist fame) present on “The Technology of Law” – great summary by Library Boy –
The new episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast is out; it’s about ways lawyers can learn new technology –
Liked AppScout’s “TuneUp Cleans your Music Collection” –
Note to estate planning lawyers: is Suze Orman on your list of competitors? – what can you learn from this?

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