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Here are recent posts from the microblog. As an aside, it’s intriguing to me that any one or all of these would have turned into a blog post with some discussion of the topic several years ago.

Om Malik on “The Social Web Prays at Email’s Altar” – – ways to fix email?
Here’s a great podcast – Hanselminutes Podcast 172 – Dan Bricklin on Technology –
RT @TomMighell: Introducing the Tom Mighell Linkstream ( For more info:
New blog post – Working in the Cloud – Lawyers and SaaS –
Alex Payne on the future of feed readers –
John Robb on Space – – outward vs. inward direction
E-discovery guru Mary Mack has free new ebook for you to download – – it’s called A Process of Illumination
The NPR Open API – and – very cool stuff
Great post telling the story of one of my all-time favorite albums – Peter Gabriel’s Passion –
Email Etiquette 2.0 – the newest episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast – (and on iTunes)
New blog post: “A Crowdsourcing Experiment: Help Me with Topics for Upcoming ABA Journal Columns”
Looking for topic suggestions for future ABA Journal tech columns: include @denniskennedy or @dkennedyblog in your tweet w/idea or email me
RT @LegalTalk: Tomorrow on The Kennedy-Mighell Report: “Email Etiquette 2.0”
New blog post: Speaking on Social Media Panel & a Few Thoughts on Transparency –
It’s GTD Legal Week at Rocket Matter – – I’m focused on it too as I mentioned on our last podcast –
Dave Winer “Rebooting the RSS Cloud” – instantaneous RSS – – definitely a space to watch
Dave Winer succinctly summarizes the fundamental publishing / conversation dichotomy in blogging and Twitter –
Paul Lippe: Welcome to the Future: Revolutions & Other Models of Change – – recognizing inflection pts in law practice
What technology has been declared dead today? A new episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast:
Heather Milligan: Known, Liked and Trusted 2.0 – – great point; recall discussion on similar topic at 1st LexThink conf.
Ron Friedman offers some theories on why the “most profitable law firms” don’t blog –

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