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Here are recent posts from the microblog. As an aside, it’s intriguing to me that any one or all of these would have turned into a blog post with some discussion of the topic several years ago.

Ken Strutin’s list of Law Practice Technology Information Sources and Tools on –
Matt Homann Video: Tips for the Suddenly Solo and New Law Firm Associates –
Meg Edwards illustrates an essential component of #GTD – using next actions and verbs in your to-do lists –
Just joined Lawyer Connection thanks to @econwriter5. How about you?
7 questions for author of ‘Say Everything’ – Scott Rosenberg on blogging and its impact – – I highly recommend this book
RT @internetcases: Interviewed over at WBEZ studios on legal issues in social media: Listen here:
RT @jimcalloway Please don’t fire me and other thoughts on online reputation management Jim at the top of his game
New blog post about new podcast on the state of the blawgosphere in 2009 – (show notes:
Too common a sight in Chrome: “Sorry, an unexpected condition has occurred which is preventing Google Reader from fulfilling the request.”
My favorite new tech development – Dave Winer on OPML for Twitter, Day 2 – – let’s see what day 3 brings
Recording new episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report ( tomorrow AM. Working title: State of the Blawgosphere 2009
Mike McBride on harsh reality from the Socha-Gelbmann Survey – – important IT perspective on ediscovery
RT @InsideLegal: Just updated Legal Industry Master Events Calendar- Adds.
Getting more search results from one Site: Google fixes one of the biggest flaws in its display of search results –
My favorite tech idea, OPML reading lists (, make a comeback in this week’s Rebooting the News –
RT @collabtools: Michael Samson on Mobile and Wireless Access to Collaboration Systems –
RT @matthomann: Presenters, if you’ve got a slide you have to apologize for, it shouldn’t be in your deck. Me: Amen.
Here’s a great podcast – Hanselminutes Podcast 172 – Dan Bricklin on Technology – (Bricklin’s book is also great – hope to post a review soon)

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