Tom Mighell and I have recorded another episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast and it’s now available on the Legal Talk Network and on iTunes, with an RSS feed here. The episode is called “Law Firms and Legal Technology: Trends and Challenges” (show notes website) and here’s the episode description:

Most discussion of the use of technology by law firms tends to be anecdotal. That’s why the annual release of the InsideLegal / ILTA Member Technology Purchasing Survey is welcome news for those looking for the numbers on which to base decisions and spot trends. In this episode, co-hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell will dig into the survey and draw a few conclusions of their own.

In the episode, Tom and I take a look at the recently-released 2009 Inside Legal / ILTA Member Purchasing Survey, probably the best resource available for getting hard data on what law firms are actually doing in the area of legal technology. While the results might not be all that surprising, it’s good to see the numbers that back up our hunches. We discuss our perspectives on the most interesting aspects of the survey results and what the implications of these trends might be. We consider this survey to be required reading for anyone involved in making legal technology decisions.
In our audience questions segment (we always welcome your questions for any podcast), we answer a question about recommending specific books and resources for learning Word 2007 (see show notes page for our answers)
We end the podcast with our Parting Shots – practical tips you can use right away. I recommend that everyone read Dan Bricklin’s recent post, Signals and the Ubiquity of New Carriers, which I believe has implication for the future of the delivery of legal services. Tom talks about data freedom and the new Data Liberation Front.
Give our new episode a listen and let me know what you think.
And try some of the back episodes as well.
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