My latest technology column for the ABA Journal is out. It’s called “Mobilization” and it focuses on whether and how you should create a “mobile-ready” version of your website or blog.
The premise of the column is that, increasingly, people are using browsers on their mobile phones to access websites and blogs. Unfortunately, most websites and blogs are not optimized for mobile phones (think small screens) and often contain design elements and features that do not translate well to the mobile phone screen. Even if you have few visitors using mobile phones to access your pages today, that number will be increasing.
The question becomes: do you really want to provide those mobile viewers with a bad (even unreadable) experience? Is it possible to optimize your website or blog for mobile phones and/or to create alternate versions of pages for mobile phone users?
The column provides you with an overview of a couple of routes you can take and shows how quickly and easily you can create a mobile-ready version of your blog or webpage. As an example, I created this mobile version of my blog in literally a few minutes using a free Mofuse service for blogs.
Have you tried viewing your webiste or blog via a mobile browser? It might be a good idea to try it and check out the column for an overview of the options you have to cater to the new mobile audience.
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