Tom Mighell and I have recorded another episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast and it’s now available on the Legal Talk Network and on iTunes, with an RSS feed here. The episode is called “Going Mobile: The Rise fo the Mobile Platform” (show notes here), and it’s sponsored by Bill4Time. A special thank you to readers of this blog who listen to the podcast – we’re very pleased with the growing numbers of downloads the podcast is getting.
Here’s the episode description:

2009 has been the year of the smartphone. Lawyers are moving from traditional email access with a BlackBerry to apps and mobile browsing on iPhones and other smartphones. In this episode of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, co-hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell take a look at the growing movement to mobile and its implications for the legal profession. In addition, Tom & Dennis welcome Jeremy Diviney, Co-founder, Chief Architect and Director of Operations at Bill4time, to discuss the importance of using Mobile software.

It’s striking how the iPhone and other smartphones, “all you can eat” data plans, high speed wireless Internet access, and applications (“there’s an app for that”) have swiftly led us to the “mobile platform.” Capabilities and expectations are changing rapidly.
I mention on the podcast about my experience of seeing a half dozen or more of my relatives sitting in my parents’ living room on Thanksgiving all using their mobile phones. No one was talking on the phone, emailing or texting. They were transfering pictures, ringtones, and files. They were using the mobile platform.
Tom and I talk about a couple of aspects of the mobile platform – anywhere, anytime access and the move from synchronization to real-time use of programs and networks. I’m not sure that there is a bigger trend in technology today and we suggest ways lawyers should be thinking about the mobile platform.
In our audience questions segment (we always welcome your questions for any podcast), we depart from our usual format and have a conversation with Jeremy Diviney of Bill4Time. We talk about Software as a Service (SaaS) being a key infrastructure for mobile, the role of focused apps, especially for the legal profession, and whether time-keeping might be the perfect example of a mobile app for lawyers.
We end the podcast with our Parting Shots – practical tips you can use right away. Tom offers a holiday gift giving guide for smartphones. I enthuse about learning of Twyla Tharp’s new book, The Collaborative Habit: Life Lessons for Working Together, and how much I liked her earlier book, The Creative Habit. I hadn’t read the book at the time the podcast was recorded, but I have now, and I loved it and will probably blog about it soon.
Give our new episode a listen and let me know what you think. Show notes for the podcast are at here.
And try some of the back episodes as well.
Just a note about the experiment we want to try with a public “wave” for the show we’ve opened up in Google Wave. If interested in joining the wave, you can either ask us to add you or, assuming you are already a Wave user, search for it in Wave using “with: public” “Kennedy-Mighell Report”. Among other things, we’ll use it as a way to gather questions for our audience Q&A segments and also use it as an experiment in how Google Wave might be used.
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