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Andy Oram’s great blog series – “Being online: identity, anonymity, and all things in between” –
Jane Genova: “Writing Instructors: Sentence students to 3 hrs. reading mainstream legal media” –
Ron Friedmann on “New vs. Old Thinking about the Legal Market” – – toward a “new and better regime”
Michelle James: “Improv Theater and Complex Adaptive Systems” – – 7 basic improv principles
Yvonne Divita on looking forward, not backward, and the importance of taking a retreat –
Celine Roque’s tips and tricks for making the most out of Google Reader –
Allison Shields asks “Are you paying attention to what (and whom) you are attracting?” –
Jordan Furlong on the “hyperlocal lawyer” – – extreme-niche lawyering in your future?
Saw great documentary Waterlife a week ago and I’m still thinking about it –
Robert Paterson: “The Dreadnought Moment has come for Pub TV – KETC” – – new media in St. Louis
New blog post: By Request: What Do You Think of Google Wave So Far? The LazyWave Experiment –
Adam Pash: Most Popular Free Windows Downloads of 2009 –
Jack Vinson (@jackvinson) on scanning the filters and filtering the scans – – dealing w/ info overload
Georgina Laidlaw on building a better portfolio –
Trent Hamm – The Best Career Advice: Do Stuff –
Chris Brogan on revisiting your site carefully (and thoughtfully) –
Steve Rubel: “nowadays no two people see the same Internet.” – – important to always remember this
Joe Weinman on hedging your options for the cloud – – modern portfolio theory for the cloud?
Katie Donnelly tells how St. Louis’s KETC’s Mortgage Crisis Project Brings Public into Public Media –
RT @tommighell Check out latest Kennedy-Mighell Report – Going Mobile: The Rise of the Mobile Platform
RT @nipper: New iPhone app Dragon Dictation is completely free for a limited time.
By Request December continues at DennisKennedy.Blog – topic is LegalTech NY (#ltny) and ABA TECHSHOW (#techshow) –
It’s “By Request December” at DennisKennedy.Blog and today’s installment is “Advice for 1Ls”
Digital Inspiration: “The Biggest Nuisance on Facebook – Photo Tags” – – review your settings

Check out the latest episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report Podcast on the Legal Talk Network – “Going Mobile: The Rise of the Mobile Platform”
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