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Digital Inspiration: “The Biggest Nuisance on Facebook – Photo Tags” – – review your settings
Rachel Happe on achieving swing – – “Learn to row… or at least think like a rower.”
Bob Lefsetz – The Rob Katz Video – – consider implications for legal services
Marshall Kirkpatrick: “Top 10 RSS & Syndication Technologies of 2009” – – the real-time web
Jeremiah Owyang on the “Intention Web” – – also reminds me of “vendor relationship management”
Amy Gallo on giving high performers productive feedback –
Highly recommend Twyla Tharp’s new book, The Collaborative Habit. Check out podcast interview at
Dion Hinchcliffe: “Open APIs Mature Into a Next-Generation Business Model” –
Jenna Wortham’s NYT article, “Apple’s Game Changer, Downloading Now” – – we make similar points in upcoming podcast
David Allen on when most people feel best about their work, just before vacation, and the reason why –
Lifehacker looks at 5 best outlining tools – – I’d put NoteMap on that list
Bas de Baar: “Trending Topics in Your Project” – As he says, “I want my ‘Trending Topics’. Now.”
RT @DanB: Dan Bricklin’s Note Taker, my first iPhone app:
RT @Bill4Time: “A Fast Way to Navigate Through the Internet.”
Recommind’s Bob Tennant on 2010 Litigation Support and eDiscovery Trends –
New blog post: Creating a Mobile-ready Version of Your Website or Blog –

Matt (@jmattbuchanan) Buchanan on a simple invention we use all the time – – great post that changes how you see things
My new blog post – ABA Journal Blawg 100 and By Request December at DennisKennedy.Blog –
RT @TomMighell: Awesome – new Kindle 2 firmware update improves battery life by 85%, native PDF support:
See twitter like someone else at cTwittlike ( – check out the twitterstream of people you know

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