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Adam Singer on “Workforce Darwinism” – 70% of surveyed US HR pros have rejected candidate due to online reputation info
Kevin Meyer: Swimming Through the Information Clutter – – impact of information flow on leadership
Fraser Speirs: “What you’re seeing in the industry’s reaction to the iPad is nothing less than future shock.”
Rex Hammock: “When it comes to the future, you have two choices” – watching no longer an option
Adam Thierer: Some Amazing Numbers Re: Growth of Net & Social Media – Amazing, indeed.
Dave Winer: What happens to our blogs when we are gone? [I’m working on article on related topic.]
RT @InsideLegal: Pamela McDevitt has been named the new director for the ABA LPM Section.
Steve Nipper’s Law Blogs 101:
RT @TomMighell: Our latest Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast: From Early Adopters to Late Adopters and Everyone In Between
RT @collabtools: Jack Vinson on Jordan Frank and the “Responsibility to collaborate” –
Renee Blodgett: Constant Builds Brands, Passion Builds the Long Tail – – flipping the 80/20 rule
Steve Barth revisits his ground-breaking article on Personal KM:; inspired my article:
RT @JavaSTL: Help Twitter: I’m looking for 2 local STL lawyers (ideally corporate counsel) actively involved in social media.
Mary Abraham on the value of checklists – – why professionals are reluctant to use checklists
JP Rangaswami on the Facebookisation of the enterprise – – rethinking IT departments
Mary Abraham: How Failure Leads to Epiphany – – “no substitute for constant experimentation”
Marty Schwimmer on “High Security Zones” for Internet commerce safety and “comfort” – [Great ideas]
Nick Morgan on the future of conferences –;
Rex Hammock: “‘The channel’ is what matters. The gizmo is secondary.” –
Bob Lefsetz; “What the customer wants” – – “The consumer wants music.” Ideas apply elsewehere, too.
RT @ronfriedmann: David Maister retires || An important voice in professional services and great presenter.
New Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast – Looking Forward: Legal Tech in 2010 –
RT @econwriter5: Pleased with my Texas Bar Journal article on Open Source for Lawyers (PDF link):

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