Rodney Dowell invited me to be a guest on his Unbillable Hour podcast and the result is the new episode called “Listening to Learn – Legal Podcasts as Educational Tools.”

I always enjoy Rodney’s podcast (here’s a great sample episode with Dr. David Nowell on time management) and I enjoy talking with him (we spoke together about Open Source software for law firms at ABA TECHSHOW 2011). I think you’ll be able to tell how much Rodney and I were enjoying the conversation during this podcast.

Here’s the episode description:

Podcasts have become increasingly available and cover topics of all flavors. On The Un-Billable Hour, host Attorney Rodney Dowell, Director of the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program and interim executive director at Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, welcomes St. Louis based legal technology writer and information technology lawyer and co-host of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy, to talk about how attorneys can benefit from listening to podcasts, how to find the best podcast that suits you and how attorneys can improve their podcast listening experience. And don’t forget, you can listen to many Legal Talk Network podcasts here and get CLE credit!

The past year or so has been somewhat of the year of the podcast for me. And I don’t mean just the Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast.

I mean podcast listening. I’m a big fan of podcasts. There’s a treasure trove of great podcasts out there today, available for free.

First, I talked Tom Mighell into covering the topic of podcast listening for one of our own podcasts, overcoming his initial objection that the topic was too “meta.” That podcast was called, simply enough, “A Podcast Listener’s Guide.” I elaborated a bit more on the topic here.

Second, I convinced my editor at the ABA Journal to let me write a column about the benefits of podcast listening and some of my listening tips, including my favorite tip of listening at double speed. The result called “Ear! Ear! Podcast Gains Are in the Listening, Not Creating.” I give a little more background on that column here.

This Unbillable Hour podcast with Rodney gave me another chance to share my thoughts on this topic. I invite you to check out the podcast and then to explore wide world of podcasts, both legal and nonlegal, and the way podcasts can inform and entertain. Thanks, Rodney, for giving me the chance to talk about podcasts.

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