I’m planning to launch something new this fall that I’ve been calling “Legal Innovation as a Service.” The concept is a menu of just-in-time, just-enough service packages targeted at specific parts of the innovation process – ideation, experimentation, evaluation, commercializing, success audits, et al. Much more to come on that in due course.Ideas post-ts

I did a Google search on “legal innovation as a service” (in quotes) and found that Google has literally never seen that combination of words in that order before. In part, this post is designed simply to stake a claim in Google.

I’m also publishing this short post for two other reasons:

1. As you may already know, I’ll be teaching a course called “Entrepreneurial Lawyering” this fall semester in the LegalRnD program at Michigan State University Law School. I thought it might be a good experiment to run my “Legal Innovation as a Service” business as a test case / example during the class and feed results back to the class as part of the learning experience. A little experiment in transparency.

2. I wanted to get customer perspectives on this idea and do some testing. I’d like to find some people who consider themselves potential customers of a service like this who would be wiling to have a phone call with me or perhaps answer a short survey about the idea. If interested, please email me at dmk @ denniskennedy.com. If you participate, I’d like you to allow me to share non-attributed responses as part of my class.

Thanks for your help!


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