From time to time, I’m involved in discussions or see discussions about how to teach technology, practice management, and innovation as part of the law school curriculum. I’m now teaching a class called “Delivering Legal Services” as part of the LegalRnD program at Michigan State University College of Law. Last fall, I taught a class called “Entrepreneurial Lawyering” last fall.

I’ve always wanted to share the syllabi for the classes I teach. I hadn’t been able to come up with a good way to do that.

Fortunately, John Mayer had a great idea and he has executed on it. He is gathering and posting syllabi for these kinds of subjects on a great resource called “The Syllabi Commons.”

The syllabi for both of my classes are now posted on the Syllabi Commons.

Whether you are looking for a good way to learn on your own, or you are teaching a course of this kind, The Syllabi Commons is the best place to start.

I’ve had more people than I ever expected tell me that I should turn my classes (or, realistically, a much shorter version) into online courses. I want to get some feedback on that and have created a survey here. Would online courses of this type interest you and be of enough value that you would consider paying a reasonable price for the course? Here’s the survey.

Thank you for your feedback.


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