In the latter part of 2018, Gabe Teninbaum tweeted that he had decided to make his personal idea journal available to the public. I commented that I thought that was a cool idea. He encouraged me to do the same. Matt Homann also concurred. I’ve always liked Matt’s “idea garage sale” posts making available ideas he has lying around but isn’t using.

With great rapidity, only six months or so later, I have posted my public idea journal, which, not surprisingly, I have decided to call “DennisKennedy,Ideajournal.” I hope someone does not turn .ideajournal into a TLD so I won’t have to change it in the future or buy the domain name.

I’ve included old and new ideas, and ideas I plan to use and ideas that I probably will not use.

How it Works:

The ideas are kept in a Google Doc here. I’ll add ideas and supplement existing ideas from time to time.

You may view the ideas and comment on them, but you will not be allowed to edit them.

I’m trying to make them very easy for people to use, as long as they attribute the ideas to me. I’ve applied a Creative Commons license to facilitate that goal.

As a longtime intellectual property licensing lawyer, I have added some terms about allowing me to use the ideas in your comments and about you not keeping me from using my own ideas that you have used, so I alert you to that. If you don’t intend for ideas in your comments to be seen or used by me or others, don’t submit them. Also, other readers will be able to see your comments so use discretion about revealing proprietary or confidential information (i.e., don’t do it).

I’ll look at the Google Doc from time to time, but do not expect an immediate or even a prompt response from me.

Let me know what you think about this experiment or if you have any questions or issues with access.

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