When I was at Mastercard, I often had times when I had many projects in flight. A single, vertical to do list would have been too overwhelming for me.

I came up with the idea for a to do list template organized by categories and contexts and set out as a grid. That not only let me see everything broken up into chunks, but it also allowed me pick and choose what I wanted to work on at any given time of the day. I felt less overwhelmption and more control of my days. Made a big difference for me.

I found a copy of the template recently and decided I’d post it to this blog. If it seems like it could be helpful to you, please go ahead and use it. You might also modify the concept and adjust the number of squares on the grid or the categories to better fit what you need.

I will say that I would have rather been able to use Omnifocus, which I used and still use for my personal to dos, at work, but that was not an option.

Download (or Print) To Do List Grid Template (PDF)


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