I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined the advisory board of ClariLegal. ClariLegal is an award-winning, cloud-based preferred vendor management platform that improves business outcomes while reducing overall litigation support and ediscovery costs. ClariLegal matches corporate law departments and law firms with preferred vendors through a fast and complete RFP and bidding process, benefitting all parties involved in the process. ClariLegal is privately held and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I’ve been helping Cash Butler and his team on an advisory basis for a while now and am excited that we have made the arrangement more public and more formal. The ClariLegal platform has the chance to dramatically reduce and rationalize litigation spending, especially for commodity litigation services, and to accelerate and simplify the RFP process. Very exciting stuff and a great team.

As you may know, ClariLegal is the third legaltech company for which I’m serving on an advisory board. The other two are FoundationLab and TimeSolv.

Would I consider serving on other advisory boards for legaltech companies (or others)?

In the right situation for the right opportunity with the right company.

I like the current mix. ClariLegal is a platform service, which is my favorite approach. FoundationLab is in the design and service productization area, another favorite approach. TimeSolv is in the fascinating area of moving lawyers into the cloud in core areas (and providing some useful extras) and away from old legacy software (e.g., TimeSlips). In many ways, that’s where the rubber meets the road in legaltech. All three companies have great teams and are very innovative in their spaces – a good match for me.

I’m always happy to hear pitches about joining additional advisory boards, but I’m going to be very selective.