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Is your leadership team asking for more innovation from your law department? Is delivering innovation results on your department or personal annual objective list?

C-suites are demanding that their general counsels and law departments accelerate their efforts to keep pace with innovation goals across the organization. They want their law departments to be as creative

I’m wrapping up a busy semester. Lots of AI. I taught a class called AI and the Law and did a 3-session mini-class called the LegalRnD Studio at Michigan State University College of Law to teach students and others about AI prompting. I have a couple of other AI CLE presentations coming up in June

I had hundreds of reasons to leave Twitter/X in 2023. However, I found that more difficult to do than I would have expected. So, I lingered there in a kind of downward-drifting limbo.

I told many people over the last several months that the most difficult issue for me in leaving was saying goodbye to

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Over the last semester, I’ve been teaching two classes at Michigan State University College of Law, one called AI and the Law and the other called New Technologies and the Law, and a class at University of Michigan Law School called Legal Technology Literacy and Leadership. All three classes pushed me to keep up-to-date with

book cover (front) of The lawyer's Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies#Collaboration is the hottest topic in #legaltech today! We all must find smart ways to work together.

And, just in time, Tom Mighell and I are pleased to announce the publication of the new edition of our classic book on collaboration tools and technologies: The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies, Work from Home