Cover photo from issueThe new issue of Legal Business World features me in two articles on topics I’ve been focused on lately – value in legal services and whether the panel convergence process for outside law firms that hasd become popular can, in fact, be used as an innovation driver for both law departments and law firms.

And I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t excited about my picture being on the cover of the issue.

The issue leads off with my article, “Outside Law Firm Panel Convergence: Innovation Driver or Innovation Destroyer?” You might have read an earlier version of the article here. The article is both a challenge to law departments and law firms to walk the walk and not just talk the talk on innovation, and a guide to using the panel convergence process to drive innovation efforts. The article has been very well-received and I’m designing some service offerings to help firms and departments implement some of my recommendations.

Also in the issue is an interview with me by James Johnson (thank you, James) as part of the ClariLegal Value Series. I get the chance to talk about my insights and perspectives on what “value” in legal services means to me. I mention the large disconnect between what law firms think corporate counsel want and what corporate counsel (and their business clients) really want. Bridging that gap will be the key to success. I end the interview with my usual comment, “There is value in value.”

The rest of the issue is filled with great material, too.

Thank you to Joek Peters and Allard Winterink at Legal Business World for including me and to Cash Butler for inviting me to be part of the Value Series (which has many other great interviews).

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