Logo for The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcastTom Mighell and I updated on progress on our Second Brain Project in the latest episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast on the Legal Talk Network.

Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss the top tools under consideration for effective and efficient data organization in their Second Brain project.

Tom and I decided to work in public on what we are calling our “Second Brain Project.” It’s similar in a few ways to other “Second Brain” approaches you can find, but there are a lot of differences because our “job to be done” is quite different.

In simplest terms, it’s a personal knowledge management project that Tom and I are working on together, but our paths will diverge at some points because our approaches are different. We are using the podcast to think aloud and share our approaches and questions (mainly questions) with others on this project.

There’s already been a lot of discovery. Tom talks in this episode about his categorization of people into “filers” and “pilers.” Tom is a filer and I am a piler. The toolbox and processes we develop will be different.

We walk through some of our challenges and what a Second Brain tool (or, realistically, a set of tools) needs to accomplish at the “organization” stage of our process, a number of approaches, and some tools we are considering.

Somewhat somewhat surprisingly, we have gravitated to the same primary tool to start with. I don’t want to reveal that before you listen to to the episode, but you might have a notion about what it might be.

Here are the earlier episodes in our Second Brain series so you can play along at home.

As always, we welcome your feedback, comments and questions.

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