Law Department Innovation Wellness Packages

1. Reality Check. Review current or proposed portfolio, assess whether what you are doing makes sense in the real world, and recommend any course corrections to avoid wasting time and money. I especially suggest this for innovation leaders starting a new role.

2. Portfolio Optimization. Reviewing innovation efforts and investments as a portfolio, assessing risk, return, and balance, and revising budget allocations. Assess your company’s innovation risk tolerance and match it to your innovation portfolio to optimize fit and chances of success.

3. Idea Therapy. Analyze and counsel you on your ideas to bring out the best results and paths forward to improve your odds of investing in winners and weeding out losers.

4. Police Your Panel Firms. Evaluate innovation proposals from outside firms competing in panel convergence process OR review promises made by outside firms during panel selection and compare to outcomes achieved.

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Flat Fee: $9,500 per package

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How would you and your organization benefit from LIaaS?

Law department innovation leaders too often find themselves in a lonely place. They have challenging objectives, too little direction, unreasonably high expectations to produce winners, and few, if any, places to turn for cost-effective, targeted help. “Do more with less” is a far too common message. It’s far too easy to start to feel the onset of the imposter syndrome and feel like you are alone. LIaaS provides a pre-scoped, limited, flat fee service offerings to help you get desired feedback or guidance, move your effort forward, and let you get back to doing what you do best, without wasting time and money.

Legal Innovation as a Service(TM) (“LIaaS”) is a new and different approach to provide motivated innovation leaders and decisionmakers in law departments with Just-in-time, Just-enough(TM) guidance at key inflection points in managing their innovation programs and portfolios by addressing four of the most common and important areas of concern.

LIaaS is a high-uniqueness, high-value package leveraging Dennis Kennedy’s unparalleled expertise, experience, industry knowledge, and legal innovation network. Dennis literally wrote the book on successful innovation outcomes in law, spent 12 years as in-house counsel for Mastercard, including with Mastercard’s Digital Payments and Labs group, is the Director of the Michigan State University Center for Law, Technology & Innovation, and has been widely-known for writing and speaking on legal innovation for many years.

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Unlike a large consulting engagement, LIaaS is designed to be a simple engagement, not a complex one that takes months and has many moving parts. The length of time from when you submitted necessary information to receiving final deliverables will be two weeks, or less.

LIaaS ($9,500) Large Consulting Firm ($$$,$$$)
Delivered by Dennis Kennedy Probably rookie consultants learning on the job
Fees Flat fee (no surprises) Hourly rates (probably uncapped)
Scope creep No (pre-scoped) Highly likely
Experience and expertise Dennis Kennedy’s unique expertise, experience, insights, and network  Unknown and might not be the person proposed
Angling for additional work LIaaS is a stand-alone productized service All but guaranteed
Results Tailored for you from Dennis’s unique insights, with 2-week SLA Probably cookie-cutter for initial engagement with a recommendation that you buy more expensive services
Deliverables Simple and direct tailored report with bullet-point internal communication strategy  Lots and lots of PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets
Buying process PCard or single-source supplier; simple pre-scoped agreement Complex RFP process with complex negotiations for engagement
Importance of engagement Dennis is able focus on you as a preferred client Considered a small engagement that could be used to train inexperienced consultants
Taking credit Dennis stays in background, requires no credit, and lets you be the hero of the story Must be the “smartest person in the room” and will let everyone know it
Your objectives Focused on helping you achieve your annual objectives  Focused on achieving their annual objectives
Help you earn your bonus Yes  Probably not – your bonus went into their fee

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The LIaaS Process

  1. Sign LIaaS Agreement
  2. Answer simple questionnaire
  3. Initial Zoom discussion
  4. Provide requested information to Dennis
  5. Upon receipt of all requested information, two-week delivery SLA begins
  6. Deliverables (recommendations and bullet-point internal communication plan) provided to you
  7. Follow-up Zoom conversation and wrap up.

My commitment to you: provide astute and discreet advice with practical and elegant outcomes from a behind-the-scenes guide with high standards.

You don’t have to do your job alone without a little help. Just-in-time and just-enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Are these the only services you offer?

No. These are the service packages I’m currently offering through the LIaaS product and they are for law departments only. The idea of LIaaS to target the key inflection points with just-in-time, just-enough guidance to help law department innovation leaders where and when they need it most. For other consulting services, contact me and we will discuss your needs, project scope and value, and flat fee pricing.

2. What if I want to add to or change the scope of one of LIaaS offerings?

That will become a custom service and will be handled as described in question 1 above.

3. Do you offer speaking or workshops as part of LIaaS?

No. You can find information on my Speaking page.

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I am an expert specializing in helping motivated law department innovation leaders assess, recalibrate, and course-correct their efforts so that they unlock successful innovation outcomes, achieve their objectives, and reduce the waste of time and money.

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