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Legal Innovation as a Service LogoLegal Innovation as a Service(TM) (“LIaaS”) is a fresh approach to provide innovation leaders in legal organizations with Just-in-time, Just-enough(TM) guidance at key inflection points in the innovation process. LIaaS consists of pre-scoped, limited, flat fee service offerings to help you get desired feedback or help, move your effort forward, and let you get back to doing what you do best. You select the option you need from the catalog, we work together on that project, and you get quickly back on the road to success and achieving your vision.



    • Jumpstart idea and innovation processes
    • Avoid missteps that will cost time and money
    • Accelerate and make smarter project selections
    • Reality-test projects and get a market-wise second set of eyes on your efforts
    • Get objective evaluation of investment decisions and needed course corrections


While LIaaS makes great sense for large law firms, law departments, and other legal organizations with chief innovation officers or developed innovation teams already in place, it has an even greater value in the mid-sized market where innovation efforts are just beginning, do not have a formal structure, or are in the process or change or re-evaluation. LIaaS can be a great tool for an organization to provide new innovation leadership or to help the management team assess innovation programs.

LIaaS brings together my industry expertise, experience (law department, law firm, and law professor), and my highly-regarded global network and connections in legal technology, innovation, and the business of the practice of law. In fact, many people have told me that getting access to my network, which I can tap for insights, perspectives, market knowledge and awareness, and the like, is what initially attracted them to LIaaS. I am also well-known for my focus on the practical, business value, and return on investment from innovation efforts. Although innovation is not necessarily dependent on technology, you will not find many people more knowledgeable about legal technology than I am.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit the LIaaS showcase page on LinkedIn.

The LIaaS Options Catalog

1. Idea Assistance

A. Ten Idea Sampler Pack – Send me your problem description and I send you ten of my best ideas. $2,500
B. Pump-priming – Conferring with you in advance of your brainstorming idea session to help generate topics, subject matter ideas, and pre-event strategies.  $7,500
C. Participation in brainstorming or idea session with your team (Conference call). $7,500

2. Idea Selection

A. Harvesting your ideas – Assistance with identifying best ideas and helping set priorities. $7,500
B. Portfolio risk matching – Balancing risk and return on innovation projects to diversify efforts and match organization risk tolerance. $7,500
C.  Idea Therapy – Analyze and counsel you on your ideas to bring out best results and paths forward. $10,000

3. Assessment

A. Reality Check
– Review current or proposed portfolio and assess whether what you are doing makes sense in the real world. $7,500
B. Second Set of Eyes – Thorough review of your current or proposed portfolio that digs deeper into projects with a more detailed analysis. $15,000
C. Innovation Wellness – Create an ongoing program to promote the health and well-being of your innovation program. $10,000

4. Investment and Course Correction

A. Portfolio Management – Reviewing innovation efforts and investments as a financial portfolio, assessing risk, return, and balance, and revising budget allocations. $7,500
B. Increasing Bets (Doubling Down) – Identifying early successes that deserve more investment. $7,500
C. Necessary Endings – Helping what efforts to terminate or pivot in new directions. $7,500

The most common mistake organizations make is building a product or service that its customers and the market do not want. Many dollars and jobs have been lost. In many cases, some guidance at the right time, from the right perspective, and with knowledge of what is happening in the market would have made all the difference. The LIaaS Just-in-time, Just-enough approach provides forward-looking legal organizations with that guidance for their innovation efforts.

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The LIaaS Price List.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Are these the only services you offer? No. These are the service packages I’m currently offering through the LIaaS product. The idea of LIaaS to target the key inflection points with just-in-time, just-enough guidance to help you move forward. For other consulting services, contact me and we will discuss your needs, project scope and value, and flat fee pricing.

2. What if I want to add to or change the scope of one of LIaaS catalog offerings? That will become a custom services and will be handled as described in question 1 above.

3. Do you offer speaking or workshops as part of LIaaS? No. My speaking services are set out at

4. Will you have LIaaS offerings for panel convergence assistance? Probably yes. I’m trying to develop some approaches that make sense.

5. Are there discounts if I bundle LIaaS offerings? Yes. If you buy all four items in sections 1 and 2 of the catalog above in a bundle, the total fee will be $27,500. If you want to buy four or more items of any selection at the same time, we can discuss an appropriate discount.

6. How do I learn more or engage you for LIaaS? Email me at to schedule a call (best way) or call me at 734-926-5197.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit the LIaaS showcase page on LinkedIn.

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Helping forward-looking legal organizations improve their innovation efforts.