As you probably already know, I’ve recently redesigned my website and blog. I am so pleased with the work Spry Legal Design has done to make the redesign a reality (thank you Corri and Lance).
There’s still some work I need to do on the site, but I wanted to give the redesigned site an “official” launch. The official launch date will be November 1, which will also be the official launch date of my two eBooks and at least one eBooklet. I’ll be doing a number of things on November 1 to make the launch official, so be sure to watch for the November 1 launch “event.”
As you may (and should) also know, this blog is very important to me. That’s another way of saying that the readers of this blog are very important to me. I read all the commentary that you do about the business and marketing aspects of blogs, but the true benefit of blogging is the friendships and relationships that grow out of your blogging efforts. It’s no more complicated than that. Well, there’s also the two turntables and a microphone thing.
As a pre-launch treat, I wanted to offer a thank you to my readers in a tangible way. I also wanted to give my readers a chance to give me some feedback. I also decided to have a little fun at my own expense and hope that longtime readers of my articles will get a chuckle out of the following title:
Five Ways DennisKennedy.Blog Will Show Its Appreciation For Its Readers Through November 1
1. Free eBooklet. Email me with your response to the survey below and I will email you for free the PDF file for my new eBooklet called “Preparing Your Law Firm for the Internet Era: 150 Steps Toward a 21st Century Practice of Law.”
2. Free NoteMap License. Follow the instructions here and Danielle Carwell at CaseSoft will give you the serial number and other info you need to obtain a free license to the great outlining tool, NoteMap. (If you are a litigator, check out CaseMap 5, an essential tool for litigators).
3. 33% Discount on eBook Bundle. My eBooks, “Dennis Kennedy’s Legal Technology Primer: Best Technology Practices for Lawyers and Law Firms” and “Unlocking the Secrets of Legal Technology and Technology Law: Finding Your Way in the First Internet Era” are priced at US$45 each, or US$75 for both. If you note on your order form that you are a reader of my blog and send me the order form and your check on before November 1, your price for both will be US$50. You will also get the eBooklet for free if you send me your response to the survey below.
4. 10% Discount on Services. If you become a new client of mine before the end of 2004, simply mention that you are a reader of my blog and you will receive a 10% discount on my project fee or hourly fee.
5. 10% Discount on Seminars. If you retain me to provide one of my seminars before the end of 2004, simply mention that you are a reader of my blog and you’ll receive a 10% discount on my package fee (note that a 50% down payment is required to reserve a seminar date).
Instructions for Responding to the Survey.
Copy the survey questions below. Answer the questions. Either (1) paste your answers to the questions into an email message to me, or (2) mail me your answers along with your order form and check if you are ordering the eBook bundle.
DennisKennedy.Blog Reader Appreciation 2004 Survey
1. What do you like best about the website and blog redesign?
2. What improvement(s) would you like to see made to the website and blog?
3. Do you subscribe to the RSS feed for my blog?
4. What topics would you like to see me give more coverage to my blog?
5. What topics that I do not now cover would you like me to cover in my blog?
6. I am considering either category feeds or separate blogs for a number of topics. Do you have a preference for either method, or would you prefer to see my blog continue to collect whatever I want to write about all in one place and in one feed?
7. One of the reasons for the redesign was that people found it difficult to determine what I did or what services I provided. Do you believe that you have a good picture of the services I provide? What might I do to make the picture clearer?
8. I highly value the expertise, experience and suggestions of my readers. In terms of the services and products I’m offering and my business approach in general, what would you do differently if you were me?
9. If you were asked to describe DennisKennedy.Blog in one or two sentences, what would those sentences be?
10. As you may know, CaseSoft and Fios currently are sponsors of my blog. Consistent with current blogging practices, I have not yet placed ads or sponsor logos in my RSS feeds. Would you have an objection to the placement of tasteful, non-intrusive sponsor logos / taglines at the bottom of full-text posts made available through my RSS feed?
Thank you for your responses and thank you for being a reader of DennisKennedy.Blog.
– Dennis