Everywhere I look, people are doing some kind of “best of 2019” lists. I thought I’d jump into the retrospective waters and take a look back at my best 2019 posts.

First, though, the best quote about me in 2019:

Dennis is Yoda. – Jordan Furlong

Thank you, Jordan.

As I rummaged through my 2019 blog archive, I was a bit surprised about how many more posts I did than I thought I had. With two new books published (see images at end of post for links for Successful Innovation Outcomes in Law and Make LinkedIn Work for You (co-authored with Allison Shields), I didn’t expect there would be that much room to fit in blog posts. Also, The Kennedy-Mighell Report podcast siphons off a lot of material that, in the old days, would have gone into blog posts. On the other hand, it is certainly includes some of my best work in collaboration with Tom Mighell.

Still, there was a lot of good stuff in 2019. Here are my favorites:

  1. My New Approach to Publishing My Articles [Where I developed my #blogfirst approach to publishing new articles]
  2. Outside Law Firm Panel Convergence – Innovation Driver or Innovation Destroyer? [My big thought piece of 2019]
  3. The Kennedy Idea Propulsion Laboratory [Official launch coming in January 2020]
  4. Legal Technology Definition Quadrant Chart 1.0
  5. Productization of Legal Services – 2014 Version
  6. Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets: Smart Planning for Your Digital Demise
  7. Book Excerpt: Cybersecurity and Related Issues in Collaboration Tools
  8. To Do List Grid For When You Have a Lot of To Dos
  9. Legal Business World – On Value and Panel Convergence
  10. Wrapping Up My Semester at LegalRnD
  11. My New Approach to Speaking
  12. The Dennis Kennedy Video Curation Project
  13. DennisKennedy.IdeaJournal
  14. 52 Books in 52 Weeks – 2019

Please visit or revisit these posts. I always appreciate your feedback. I have a lot planned for this blog in 2020. All best wishes to you for 2020.


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