I held my Q3 Personal Quarterly Offsite last week. I developed this technique several years ago and have found it incredibly useful.

The premise is that, like a corporate or business retreat or offsite, you can and should set aside a few hours every quarter to focus on your personal goals, developments, and status, and then work on strategies and tactics to move forward.

My recent retreat was a mental and strategic decluttering effort and I left it energized, focused, and with a clear path. That is not how I entered.

This is the most important exercise I do on a regular basis. I want to get it out to more of you so you can try the approach, share your experiences and feedback, and let me know about how it works for you.

I’ve drastically reduced the price of my online Productive Personal Quarterly Offsites for Busy Legal Professionals course down to $39.99 for at least the rest of 2023. Link to course: https://kennedy-idea-propulsion-laboratory.mn.co/plans/342413

Based on my own experiences using and evolving the technique, you will get much more value from the course than that.

Doesn’t your personal strategy and planning deserve at least this level of attention?

Purchase the course here.

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