You may remember that my recent enthusiasm for a research report on electronic discovery from EDDix, LLC called “EDD Suppliers Landscape.” I’m pleased to announce a special offer and discount to readers of DennisKennedy.Blog from my friends at EDDix.
From now until noon on January 31, if you go to the special page that is linked here, you will have a unique opportunity to purchase the research report, EDD Suppliers Landscape, and a companion report, at a dramatic discount.
As I’ve mentioned before, I believe this research report is the best starting point for anyone seriously interested in learning about what is happening in the world of electronic discovery. If you work for electronic discovery vendor or consultant, this report is essential reading and will save you hours of time that you might have otherwise spent researching the industry.
Even if you aren’t an electronic discovery vendor, consultant or otherwise involved in the EDD industry, this research report contains a great deal of valuable information and analysis that, again, may save you hours of time you might otherwise spend researching the electronic discovery field.
The discount works in the following way. You go to the special page and follow the instructions there. Use the code available there on the order form for the special bundled offer and you get a substantial discount off the regular price.
I will receive the small commission for each sale generated through the special code between now and January 31, 2005. I will donate 10% of whatever commissions I receive to one or more tsunami relief organizations, most likely Doctors Without Borders, a favorite charity of mine.
If you want to learn more about the research report, you can see the review I gave it in an earlier post on my blog. There’s also more useful information at the EDDix website.
I want to thank Michael Clarke and EDDix for being able to put together the special arrangement to benefit the readers of my blog. I encourage everyone with a serious interest in what is happening in the field of electronic discovery to consider purchasing this report.
Here’s the link to the special ordering page –
A happy 2005 to all! Electronic discovery will be a HUGE issue in 2005 and this set of reports will help you get off on the right foot.
As an administrative note, I will be covering electronic discovery in a much more substantial way in 2005 and have created a new category for posts on electronic discovery.