I’m looking for a number of service providers for my own use and for some of my colleagues. Although I’d obviously consider some kind of exchange of services for publicity or referrals type of arrangement, I’m mainly interested in finding some reliable, quality providers in the following areas:
1. Fully-outsourced ecommerce and credit card order solutions.
2. Distribution and marketing of eBooks, audio and video products.
3. Webinar hosting and administration.
4. Podcast hosting, with reasonable bandwidth and download pricing.
5. Routine conversion of VHS video cassettes and analog audiotapes to digital formats and production/reproduction of CDs and DVDs.
6. Design and production of ebooks and ebooklets.
7. Print-on-demand services.
Email me at denniskennedyblog@gmail.com. References or examples would be appreciated from vendor contacts. I’ll share the results of my research on this blog.