George Socha and I have been putting the finishing touches on our Fios webinar for January 11 (Tuesday) called “The EDD Grande Process.”
Here’s the description:
” ‘One EDD grande please, de-duped with double metadata and a dash of OCR. Native only, no conversion today.'” Does electronic discovery seem a little confusing? Do you feel like you’re picking items off a menu without understanding what you’re getting? Join the crowd. Discover how the actual process of electronic discovery consists of a series of stages. Listen in as Dennis Kennedy and George Socha discuss the parallel paths of identification, preservation & collection, processing, review & analysis, production and presentation.”
We have some great information and tips we unveil at this webinar, and a straightforward way to consider the entire e-discovery process, whether you are a novice or a seasoned electronic discovery expert.
The reference to “the crowd” in the description is an apt one – late last week registrations were nearing the triple digits. Get the relevant info and get registered at
Check out the upcoming Fios webinars while you are there and remember the excellent site.
See you there or, as the acronym goes, BTOBS.