I have two discount opportunities for readers of this blog – one runs out in a few days and the other is a brand new one .
1. Until January 31, readers of this blog may go to http://www.eddixllc.com/landing/dmk.asp to obtain a huge discount on EDDix’s EDD Supplier Landscape research report, which is essential reading for anyone who is really serious about wanting to learn about what is happening and what will happen in the electronic discovery industry. Reading this report will save any vendor in the industry hours and hours of research time.
2. Bruce Hause has put together a similar affiliate marketing arrangement in which my readers will receive significant discounts and I’ll receive some commissions in connection with Quickscribe digital dictation software and related products. Simply ask for the “Dennis Kennedy discount” when making your order.
Bruce says:
“Quikscribe has a number of unique digital dictation and transcription features that appeal to attorneys and law firms. Our “Intelligent Audio File” format allows the author to include attachments of text, images, or files embedded within the audio file. This means that you can reference a case citation from a legal database, highlight the text with your mouse, then press the “insert” button on the hand control to capture and copy the desired text. The attorney doesn’t have to dictate or print the citation, and the secretary doesn’t have to type it during transcription. We also have lots of info on our website for U.S. customers at www.digidictate.com.”