I thought I’d run the Blog Birthday Celebration Week thing another day or two.
Today, readers receive the gift of a free download of the first two years of DennisKennedy.Blog posts, organized by category, in one relatively humongous PDF file (approx. 1.5 megabyte download). The PDF document runs 479 pages and includes, as bonus, a copy of my article – “Life-Altering Technology – News Aggregators and Newsfeeds.” Although not quite the same as a podcast, you can even use the “Read Out Loud” option in Adobe Acrobat to have all of the blog posts read out loud to you by “Microsoft Sam” or any other voice you might have loaded on your computer.
Like many other bloggers, I still have Gmail invitations to give away. If you want one, just email me at denniskennedyblog @ gmail.com.
I have a few surprises left for tomorrow (Tuesday), the last day of DennisKennedy.Blog Birthday Celebration Week. I’ll announce those tomorrow.
However, I will now announce that, by popular demand, “Request Tuesday” will return tomorrow. Email me your questions at denniskennedyblog @ gmail.com. I have a few left over from the past week that I’ll try to answer tomorrow and I’ll also take a stab at new questions.
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