Here’s the essential information about a new half-day electronic discovey seminar I’m offering:
Preparing for the New World of Electronic Discovery:
Easing Your Transition from Paper to Electronic Discovery

Many electronic discovery seminars are impossibly technical or deal only with zillion dollar cases with terabytes of information. This seminar focuses on the practicing lawyer who knows that electronic discovery is coming and wants to learn what he or she realistically has to do to be prepared and take advantage of opportunities.
Dennis Kennedy is highly regarded as an electronic discovery authority who can explain the topic in “ways that practicing lawyers can understand.”
This seminar is designed to make your transition to electronic discovery easier. In this half-day seminar, your group will receive a solid grounding in the practical and technical issues that matter most to litigators. Kennedy will highlight the key issues that you must understand to make a successful transition into an era of litigation where electronic discovery becomes the norm, not the exception.
By the end of the seminar, you will have a good understanding of:

  • Basic tools and approaches used in electronic discovery and whether they apply to your cases
  • Offensive and defensive uses of electronic discovery and new opportunities
  • A solid set of simple strategies and tactics for taking your first (or later) steps into the daunting world of electronic discovery
  • Practical ideas for making your life easier, winning more cases and keeping your clients happy

The seminar is divided into two sections. The first covers some necessary computer forensics fundamentals. The second takes a look at what electronic discovery will mean for you in your practice.
Part 1. Overview and Computer Forensics that Matter to Practicing Lawyers

  • Paper Rules Collide with an Increasingly Digital World
  • A Little Knowledge is a Whole Lot of Dangerous
  • Is Every Step You Take Traceable?
  • Copies Everywhere – How Windows and Other Programs Make Lots of Copies of Everything
  • The Potentially Embarrassing World of Metadata
  • The Many Places Information is Kept Today
  • Is a Computer Forensics Expert Always Required?
  • Making Good Decisions About Computer Forensics

Part 2. Transitioning to Electronic Discovery

  • What is the Current Landscape in Electronic Discovery? A Billion Dollar Business?
  • It’s Not a Pretty Picture When Paper Rules and the Digital World Collide, Is It?
  • When Should Electronic Discovery be Considered?
  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • It’s a Team Game – Making Good Decisions about Getting Good Help
  • Observations and Predictions
  • Best Tips and Action Steps

Standard Package Presentation, plus handout materials. $5,000 (plus reasonable travel fee, if applicable).
Premier Package. Presentation, plus handout materials, extended question-and-answer period, right to audiotape and/or videotape session with license to use for your internal business purposes. $10,000 (plus reasonable travel fee, if applicable).
Terms: 50% of fee due with agreement, balance due on date of presentation. 10% discount for full payment in advance.
For more information and scheduling, call 314-963-9798.
For a preview of Dennis Kennedy’s approach to these topics, visit one or more of his free on-demand electronic discovery presentations provided by Merrill Corporation.
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