Whenever I talk about electronic discovery with non-lawyers, they always are surprised by how lawyers seem to avoid electronic discovery whenever possible. They often ask me why I think this is the case. I don’t really have the perfect answer for that question, although I tend to use the “fear” answer more frequently these days.
Tom Mighell, Evan Schaeffer and I, however, show no fear in trying to give our answers to this question in our latest “Thinking E-Discovery” column called “Why Aren’t More Lawyers Doing Electronic Discovery?” on the essential electronic discovery portal site, DiscoveryResources.org. We really enjoyed writing this column and I recommend it highly.
I’m still trying to do my part in educating those of you who deal with lawyers struggling with the whole notion of electronic discovery, as well as lawyers wanting to learn more about electronic discovery, with the seminar I mention at the end of this post. Mention this post when you book my seminar and I’ll give you a 5% discount.
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