The nice people at X1 have graciously agreed to provide up to 50 of the readers of my blog with a free license to the X1 Desktop Search tool ($75 regular price). I wanted to used this offer as a way to say thank you to readers of my blog.
There’s been no category of software hotter in 2005 than the desktop search category. X1 is one of the leaders in the category. The tool will let you swiftly search files and email as if you have a search engine for your hard drive. I can tell you that Microsoft Outlook seems like a completely different program once you use a desktop search tool for searching your email.
All you need to do is to be one of the first 50 people to email me (preferably at denniskennedyblog @ with a request for the URL you’ll need for the download and I’ll get you the info you need. The URL has a built-in counter that will cut things off at 50 or at an expiration date in January, so I’ll simply ask you to download one copy only. Once the 50 downloads happen, the offer will end. If you’d like to pass along some comments or suggestions about my blog, I encourage you to do so.
By the way, although I am, of course, interested in sponsor inquiries, I’m also happy to talk to vendors about doing promotions like this one that provide benefits to readers of this blog (without requiring any more effort from me than this one does) or other discount / affiliate marketing arrangements.
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