I’ve found two good articles on metadata this week that I wanted to highlight.
The first is an excellent, detailed article by Craig Ball called “Understanding Metadata” that goes into many of the specific details about metadata in Microsoft Office documents, as well as explaining two descriptive categories of metadata – system metadata and application data. If you want a great “under the hood” look at metadata, this article is the place to start. Evan Schaeffer is also a fan of the article.
The second article focuses more on the evidentiary and procedural rules and case law to-date addressing metadata issues. It’s called “Uncertain and Unseen” by Todd Nunn, of Preston Gates, and a great primer on these issues.
For a good overview primer that points you to some good resources, I still like the Thinking E-discovery column called “Mining the Value from Metadata” that Tom Mighell, Evan Schaeffer and I wrote about a month ago.
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