I will be presenting a webinar called “Making the ‘Right’ Decision at the Information Lifecycle Management Crossroads,” a presentation created to accompany my recent whitepaper on this topic. You have a choice of attending on March 9 or March 15 (registration information here).
From the program description:

A myriad of challenges – from corporate governance to regulatory compliance requirements are affecting the approach organizations are taking to records and electronic discovery management.
With these challenges in mind, this Webinar is designed to:
+ Provide insight and education on the evolving world of information lifecycle management (ILM).
+ Discuss the challenges that decision-makers face when considering treating organizational data as evidence.
+ Explore an approach to managing these challenges by focusing on an integrated, needs-based approach to providing long-term, forward-looking solutions which promises better results in meeting both today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges.

It’s an important topic and I hope that you can attend. A big thank you to my friends at RenewData for making this happen.
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